Terry Palmer
Mixed Media

Lafayette, LA

My background is graphic arts, mostly 2-D so my sculpture is mainly for me, a 3-D outlet that lets me escape the confines of my every day work and express myself without the necessary boundaries of my profession.

I’m intrigued by the spiritual and metaphysical and try to reflect this in much of my work. Though, not aiming to illustrate any one belief, ism or theology, I consider my sculpted, abstract figures to be shamen, traiteurs, witchdoctors, wisemen, elders or other characters that acknowledge forces of the spirits and other dimensions. My figures are always good and I like to think of them as watching over us, keeping us safe. Most of my pieces are fired in the raku method.

Terry Palmer is a graduate of The University of Southwestern Louisiana with a BFA in graphic design, and with his artist wife, Simone, owns and operates Palmer Graphics, a graphic design firm, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Terry is also on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Crafts Guild and the Lafayette Art Association.