Susie Blyskal
Wood, Fiber, Jewelry

Baton Rouge, LA

Fur mobiles for my kindergarten classroom ceiling; smocked appliqués for our daughter’s school wardrobe; frog, pig, and crawfish clothespin crafts for Girl Scouts; a mobile mummy case for the Egyptian Exhibit at the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum; – there have been many varied outlets for my CREATING!

 A military family childhood and a much-traveled married life have taken me from Washington State to the Philippines and from the University of Miami to Louisiana State University.  My CREATING reflects native and ancient styles enhanced by contemporary and dramatic structures.

Nature has always been very important to me; from the pearl that is my signature bead to the places I like to go for inspiration. Through the years of my CREATING, I have enjoyed the diversity of people as much as the variety of materials and mediums. This all contributes to the one-of-a-kind pieces that I am CREATING.