Simone Palmer
Jewelry, Mixed Media

Lafayette, LA

I am a Virgo – that makes me very creative. I was born on 9/3 – that makes me a #3 personality: someone who collects beautiful things and has the gift to communicate. And, according to my Chinese reading, I need both metal and roosters in my life. As a jewelry artist, I communicate my love of beauty in the art pieces I create in silver, bronze and/or copper metal clays. As I am married to artist, Terry Palmer, I also have a rooster in my life. I love to paint landscapes (and chickens/roosters), have dabbled in metal smithing, jewelry casting, enameling and ceramic clay pottery. My designs are organic in nature, some a little spiritual, but most are just happy.

It is said that 3 is the number of good fortune…it’s certainly been my lucky number of choice. I am fortunate to be one of 3 sisters, I have 3 brothers, I was born on 9/3, and most importantly, I have 3 very wonderful men in my life (my husband and my two sons). As an artist and designer, I’m naturally drawn to arranging things in 3, following the rule of thirds. I also went to 3 schools: Mercy Academy (St. Martinsville), graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy (New Iberia, class of ’ 3) and the University of Southwestern Louisiana (ULL, class of ’ 9). I have a bachelor of Fine Arts degree/Advertising Graphics and (2) Minors: history & painting. I’ve resided in St. Martinsville, New Iberia and now, for over 30 years, Lafayette with my husband, Terry Palmer (also an LCG member and master craftsman).

Through out the years, I’ve worked as a designer/computer graphic artist for various ad agencies. After working for 10 years as the Ad Department Manager for Abdalla’s Family Department Stores, I joined Terry at Palmer Graphics Studio, here in Lafayette. I continue to further my knowledge and love of art with ongoing classes and workshops. I paint, print, do encaustics, sew, hand build clay sculptures, and create metal art jewelry in either of my indoor or outdoor studios. Besides being a master craftsperson with the guild, I am a member of L’esprit du Metal PMC Guild, The Alliance for Metal Arts Worldwide, and The Lafayette Art Association.