Nicole Ockmond

New Orleans, LA

I find human darkness, light, intensity, shadow, shade, shape and hue endlessly fascinating. Whether exploring those juxtapositions using paint on a canvas as my medium or combining thoughtful lyrics sung over guitar chords it is the driving force behind my creative expression. My favorite source of inspiration is the colorful and vibrant flora & fauna of New Orleans and south Louisiana.

I try to represent each subject, as they would choose to be portrayed in my portraits while drawing the viewer in and giving them a glimpse into the beauty, soul, and essence of my subjects. I prefer to take reference photos myself if the subject is available. I love to capture details in my paintings and will work in either acrylic or oils depending on time constraints. I prefer to work on canvas because I love the push and pull of the fabric as I move the paint across its surface. Each work is a living-breathing thing in my process. Although I do have a general idea of where the piece might go often it takes slight twists and turns or completely takes off into the cosmos. I don’t anticipate when creating. I go with the flow, remain open and listen to my intuition while working.

I was born in New Orleans but my dad was from Vacherie and so my summers were spent there growing up. I think that provided me with a nice mix of the cultural gumbo of our area. It wasn’t until I was older and traveling through other parts of the country that I came to appreciate how truly unique this blending of cultures is in our area. I am a singer/songwriter, was in the army national guard for 8 years, and ran several retail businesses for many years. In 2019 I decided to put all of those life skills to work for myself with my visual artwork.

I have been showing my work at various art markets and festivals in the area ever since then. I rarely know where my muse will lead me but I am excited to see what the future will bring. Please stop in and say hi if you see me at a festival or market in your area.