Megan Barra
Mixed Media

Lafayette, LA

Guitars, horns, accordions, and fiddles along with crabs, snakes and coffee cups are fashioned into silk patchworks of Louisiana culture. Music and the men and women who play it, along with the Louisiana landscape, provide rich material to draw from in my work. These Silk Compositions are hand-sewn, sometimes imprinted with original text and images, and finished on a 1901 Singer treadle sewing machine.

A lifelong resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, Megan Barra received a BFA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and currently works as an independent graphic designer specializing in design related to the arts, music and culture. Inspired by both poster design and vintage quilts, her current medium of choice is fabric. Barra’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in south Louisiana, Quebec, and France.

“I owe a great debt to the many teachers and artists who’ve inspired me,” Barra says, noting especially Elemore Morgan Jr., Darrell Bourque, Sonny Landreth, and others too numerous to mention. As an artist and designer, she powerfully arranges and re-arranges imagery to vividly express intangible emotions, observations, and responses.