Mark Gustafson
Wood, Metal

Lafayette, LA

I am a designer for an Engineering company. My interest in art began in as a child in north Texas, at the age of 10 I took oil painting lessons. I’ve been creating art since then. Now I carve with a chainsaw, grinder and sander. The size and shape of the reclaimed wood I use sparks the final vision of my design. I’m fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of raw materials. I am 58 now and would like to carve and paint full time when I retire.

I enjoy wood carving with power tools (sander, grinder, chainsaw). I use recycled wood that otherwise would be burned or put in the trash. Some of my work includes large and small totem poles, fish, and work similar to what you would see in ancient archeological sites.
I usually start with a general subject in mind and design the piece as I go.