Marie Palmer
Mixed Media

Youngsville, LA

In an age of computers and automation, Marie Palmer uses a humble needle and thread to create complex and expressive images on fabric. The labor intensive art takes weeks to create a single piece, sometimes stitching multiple layers of fabric together to form visually interesting textures that delight the eye and entice you to touch it.

Marie Palmer uses embroidery, traditionally a women’s craft, to intuitively explore her personal mythologies, self perception, spiritual journey, and evolving personal relationships. The sacred feminine and the natural world are featured prominently in her work as well as common domestic and family life. Combining utility and aesthetics, Palmer is passionate about elevating the humble art of embroidery and introducing it to new audiences.

Marie Palmer lives in Lafayette, LA with her husband and 3 kids. She is a member of Society for Embroidered Work and the LA Crafter’s Guild.