Laurie Mason
Glass, Mixed Media


Lafayette, LA

I create different kinds of art for the pure joy of creating. Art created in this manner has been sold in local markets and through private sales. I’ve been greatly influenced by my childhood in Europe, and I focus mainly on myth, legends, and my home, Louisiana. I was fortunate to have studied under the highly respected Louisiana artist Elmore Morgan, and I carry his wisdom and a bit of his soul with me always. I like to find and illuminate the uniqueness in everything and the quirkiness within individuality.

Born in Fairbanks Alaska, my life was shaped by the many places my family lived. My father, Ed Mason of New Orleans was sent far and wide in his job as a civil engineer attached to the military, and thus most of my growing up happened in the town of Geisen, Germany. Ed had studied engineering at Southwestern Louisiana Institute, now UL. My mother, Betsy, was a Mississippi belle and a highly self-educated free thinker who made sure I had a good grounding in adult literature and intellectual devotions long before I was an adult or an intellectual. She also encouraged artistic expression, and cared not a whit about the mess it made. She was a woman of great foresight. Further growing up happened in Lafayette, Louisiana, where I had the good fortune to take instruction from the great Louisiana artist and photographer Elemore Morgan Jr.