Krista DeJoseph

New Orleans, LA

My journey as a metalsmith began 15 years ago, when I enrolled in a “Jewelry for Beginners” continuing education course on a whim. I discovered that attacking sheets of metal with a hammer was a great stress reliever, not to mention really fun! Since then, I’ve spent more than a decade as a full time jeweler and small business owner, and it has been the most satisfying and creatively fulfilling work of my life.

Queens Metal is “bold jewelry for fearless women.” My design ideas come from all things industrial, such as bridges and iron fences. My pieces are crafted individually and by hand in my attic studio in Uptown, New Orleans using traditional tools and metalsmithing techniques. Using a variety of hammers, a saw, and a jewelers torch, I create three-dimensional forms and blend organic details with industrial, urban shapes.