Kate Beck

New Orleans, LA

“A stick, a stone, a leaf, a song… the natural world is my inspiration. Shape, color and texture are central considerations; at the heart of my work is the intention of creating what it feels like to be in an enchanted garden. 

My work focuses on the techniques of hand screen printing and lino block prints combined with various surface processes of laying color to the fabric in a painterly way. I work with natural and fiber reactive dyes, textile inks and subtractive pastes on natural fibers such as silk, linen, wool and cotton.

My designs are wearable garments, and all fabrics are hand crafted to create one of a kind pieces.”

“Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it’s where I got my start in making and working with textiles and art in general. I pursued a degree in printmaking and textiles/fiber arts at the University of Washington in Seattle.

I launched my career making shibori pleated scarfs at an art fair in 1989. The independent life of the traveller and maker suited my constitution and creativity. I was soon traversing the country showing my work and bonding with other like minded artists and letting my work develop and grow organically. Life and adventures drew me south to New Orleans where I’ve lived and worked for the past seventeen years in my beautiful studio in the Marigny.”