Josey’s Goods

Canned Goods

Duson, LA

Josey’s Goods, LLC was founded in August of 2017. Gene and Lisa Josey are the owners. We are inspired by Lisa’s upbringing in the Cajun Culture of Acadiana. We share our love of food and Cajun culture through our company. We produce farm to market jams, jellies, and preserves. We support local farmers and gardeners. One goal is to teach the importance of supporting our local farmers and to show the quality of food they provide. It is very special to hear someone say, “It tastes just like mom’s or grandmother’s.” We do not add artificial colors or flavors in our products. Gene and I grew up growing, producing, and consuming homemade canned goods. It is an extension of ourselves. Customers can also find Josey’s Goods on Facebook and Instagram to see our schedule of upcoming events.