JéLlyn Morvant
Jewelry, Mixed Media, Metal

Lafayette, LA

Lovers, nurturers, gatherers, collectors and makers, inspired by nature + folklore. The colors, the beauty and the magic of nature’s rhythms stirred with indigenous culture, history and the stories within folklore. Our work is a tribute to the magic and the stories, to the diversity and the richness each beholds. A balance of the simplest elements with the most intricate details driven by a love for primitive, age old treasures. An inspired reflection with our own unique aesthetic.

JeLlyn and her husband often collaborate together on phases of particular designs. Two Cajun Country natives and makers with a deep passion to create with their hands. Joshua works with big timbers by day, he is a master craftsman with impeccable attention and dedication to detail and JéLlyn embraces a free spirited approach. She studied Fashion Design in California before returning home to Louisiana to focus on being a mother. She juggles taking care of their three young children and her aging folks with creating in her new studio, located in downtown Lafayette. Her tools are simple and minimal which lends to her primitive aesthetic. Some of the tools Joshua has made himself, like metal stamps from old rusty railroad nails, or heavy metal pieces he finds along the roadside. She sources most of the stones in her collection from families, artisans, passionate collectors and mine owners. Beautiful American turquoise pass through the most caring of hands to make its way to her so she can create something lovely using ancient techniques in silversmithing and tufacast. She also appreciates the hunt and discovery for antique and vintage jewels that she can use to recreate something authentically her own. Their newest artistic endeavor is lapidary arts doing some of their own lapidary work. Cutting, shaping and polishing raw rock material she feels creatively drawn to often allowing the natural material to determine what it is supposed to be. She is excited by how this is evolving in her designs.