Heather Marie
Jewelry, Metal

Lafayette, LA

Local artist, metalsmith, and Lafayette, Louisiana native – Creating allows me to express the beauty of the world, reflect on life experiences, and craft meaningful creations that empower others. I am greatly inspired by nature, spirit, & the human experience. This is an appreciation that grew especially during my years living abroad and experiencing diverse cultures and ecosystems. Recognizing how we too are part of nature, reveals how interconnected we all really are.

My metalsmithing journey began in 2016, when I completed a Fundamentals of Metalsmithing course in Oregon at OCAC. About a year later, I taught myself how to incorporate gemstones into my metalwork, and Cocoro Studios was born in 2018. I primarily work with sterling silver, gold, goldfill, brass, mixed metals, & natural gemstones. Each piece is hand-fabricated from sheet and wire by me in my home studio in Lafayette, and I am continually refining my craft and learning new techniques. Through mindful metalsmithing — sawing, soldering, hammering, setting, & everything in between— it has become a form of meditation, transforming thoughts & experiences into symbolic talismans for the wearer to cherish.

Whether you choose an MTO (made to order) piece from the signature designs, or an OOAK (one of a kind) gem, each piece is crafted as intentional jewelry for your journey. It is my hope that with each piece you wear, you are reminded of your own beauty, resilience, and empowerment. More than just jewelry, it’s everyday ritual and tangible reminders of your growth and set intentions. For those who rebuilt from the pieces, found their way out by going through, and are choosing love over fear— this jewelry is for you.