Ellen McCord
Mixed Media

Ellen McCord Arts

Houma, LA

Born and raised in South Louisiana, I have loved all art forms since I was old enough to create. I was introduced to papermaking and pulp painting at Nicholls State University where I earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts in 2003.  I have been pulp painting and papermaking ever since.  I love to learn and challenge my creativity through new art forms as often as possible.  I also stay actively involved with my community to keep Art an important part of our southern culture.

Paper pulp is beaten recycled paper that is pigmented and put in squeeze bottles and then painted on a base sheet creating a paper pulp painting. After the painting is dry I add other materials on top such as chalk pastels and acrylics.

My work shows my love for Southern Louisiana and New Orleans architecture as well as the unique creatures and habitants of the South. I express my love for the “brighter side” of Louisiana life through my artwork.