Diane K. Baker
Mixed Media

Lafayette, LA

As a student I was interested in many subjects: art, anthropology, psychology, biology but the urge to create led to a Painting and Commercial Art Degree at Mississippi State University. To make a living, I have worked as a graphic designer/ illustrator for various businesses and environmental agencies over the years. It was working with environmental scientists that kindled my interest in the natural world.” Birds, fish, leaves, trees, and animals often inhabit my work.

I love experimenting by painting papers with different art media. Colored sheets of paper are made by crumpling paper, painting it, stamping it, printing words, and drawing on it. Afterwards I take these papers and assemble 3-D collages, sort of like making a paper quilt.

Textures are added by using twisted papers, sewing, incorporating found objects, and pieces of impressed polymer clay. Like a quilt, the colors and textures often become the most important element. I have also begun to incorporate words to create a cultural sense of place. A strong influence was my mother, who sewed, and saved fabric scraps and made over 100 quilts in her lifetime.