Delana Rouse
Mixed Media

Morse, LA

I am a self-taught mixed media artist.  Inspiration comes to me in found, repurposed objects through thrifting and treasures in nature.  The collected, chosen items begin to tell me where they are to go.  It takes on a life of its own, often surprising me.   Crafting is something that I have always done. Being a mixed media artist is something that my soul gradually came into.

“Whimsies from Within” was born a couple of years ago with inspiration from a friend. They are the first time my art has soul…  Each one has its own distinctive personality.   The Whimsies are coming from within my soul, which has gone through much healing and growing.  Hopefully, they will speak to other souls.

I currently have my blown-out-tire whimsies exclusively displayed at The Pink Alligator in Breaux Bridge.