Debora Lane

Mendenhall, MS

The “Earth, Hand and Fire” style of artist Debora Lane is quickly noticed in her pottery work. Each piece hand crafted, always offering the collectability of art pottery. My style is unique to the pottery business, voluptuous, curvy, even romantic. With a wide range of glazes, it allows the expression of such a broad range of personality, mood and style and yet the utility you look for when selecting your stone ware.

My pieces are created straight from the soul which means the majority of my work is one of a kind. Inspiration is drawn from my love of music and natural influences combining for a unique perspective on craft. Sketches have a big role in the process as I stop and rough out designs or ideas as they come to me. Some to be refined later, days or even years down the road. I also love complex shapes and utilize templates for some of my works when appropriate. My work has evolved and displays my artistic vision from start to finish as I create my own stamps and marking tools to be used with my own templates or forms.