Dawn M. Savoy
Mixed Media, Glass

Youngsville, LA

Throughout my life, I have worked in many mediums.  When I began working with stained-glass, I found my passion, my “joy”. I find the stained glass textures and colors, along with the infinite possibilities and opportunities to create beautiful artwork fascinating.  Through my art, my hope is to bring as much joy to others, as working in the craft brings me.

I am a Louisiana native now residing in Youngsville, and art has always been a part of my life.  Louisiana, rich in culture, the incredible wildlife and natural environment, and my faith have awed and inspired me along with my art.

In my studio I find peace creating artwork.  I truly enjoy every step and process involved in building a stained-glass work of art.  It has been my privilege to share my art with family and friends throughout the years, and with their encouragement and support I am now pursuing this craft full time through “Sunrise Glass Creations”.  Also, I have had the opportunity to be mentored and further inspired by two local stained-glass master craftsmen.  Meeting great people, bringing the joy of my art into their lives and working with a craft I love, are but a few of the many “gifts” and “blessings” the art of stained-glass has brought into my life.