Cecil LaVergne

Sunset, LA

I have been creating fused glass art using glass frit (crushed glass) for several years now. One would think that hanging around my wife, Jerilyn’s glass studio would make this inevitable but the truth is, I was famous for interrupting her by pacing the floor in her studio while she attempted to create. One day, Jerilyn suggested I find something productive to do instead of pacing the floor…like sweep the floor or do the dishes. Voila, an artist was born.

My fused glass art is made with frit which is crushed glass. I make it by placing pieces of glass into a stainless steel mortar and break it using a stainless steel pestle. I then sift it in a graduated sifter and store it in containers for later use.

Once I decide what I want to create, the fun begins. I use glass as one would use paint. Usually the work is fired once but occasionally twice. My work is tack fuse which leaves the final piece very textured.

The characters in my art are usually cut out on a band saw and embellished with frit or enamel paint. My work is labor intensive but extremely satisfying.