Carl Kennedy
Jewelry, Glass

Baton Rouge, LA

I am Carl Kennedy, the former Curator of the Baton Rouge Arts & Crafts Gallery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My entire life I have been attracted to the arts, but spent most of my time practicing as a high level financial executive. I have sang in choirs, played the piano, guitar, trumpet and appeared in stage plays all before attempting my hand at the visual arts. In 2004, I decided to expand my artistic endeavors and the rest is history. I adore art of all kinds and appreciate the time, creativity and efforts that go into expressing yourself artistically. My jewelry and artistic pieces are an extension of my moods when designing and creating: happy, sad, loving, rebellious, pious, grateful, loyal, spirited and a bevy of other feelings. I have excelled in many jewelry making techniques over the years, but currently am fusing glass pendants and wire wrapping them in a wire wrapping technique that I developed. I also create artistic fused glass bowls, candle holders, plaques and other fused glass creations.