Bruci Gauthier
Clay, Mixed Media

Saint Martinville, LA

I have always drawn and produced objects with my hands using Mother Nature as my inspiration.

It was only after enrolling in a leisure learning pottery class in 1994 that I was introduced to the versatility of creating art using clay. Since then I have devoted my spare time to making pottery as well as drawing. To form a clay piece, I begin with throwing the clay on a wheel forming an urn or bowl or rolling out slabs for tiles. I then sculpt my nature inspired scenes on each piece. After air drying the pieces are bisque fired. I may add a glaze to the bisque piece or high fire it “au naturel” since I prefer the finished pieces to reflect the natural clay coloring.

When at my drawing desk, I do pastel portraits of pets using images supplied by the client, as well as landscapes and fauna using images I capture on vacations or just on my farm.

I’ve been growing brown, green and white cotton in my garden for a while now and finally took the time to learn to spin and weave my cotton. I weave home spun cotton table runners and also, using commercial yarns I weave neck scarves.