Bria “BrioniClaire” Armstrong
Mixed Media

New Orleans, LA

Hey loves! My name is “BrioniClaire” and I’m an artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Since first grade I had a passion for experimenting with color and drawing people in cartoon form while sight seeing. Hearing the heroic stories of my family, elders and community leaders have inspired me to use my art as a form of activism. They have taught me to live for myself, to keep going despite of the challenges. That’s when I discovered my purpose in life. I declared, “MY first sign of life is when I don’t have to apologize for being an orange moon. My love is too loud to have thrown back in my face.”

I make art because it allows me to use my expressive mind, it allows me to bend societal norms of what is beautiful or deemed acceptable. I would describe my art as bold and direct. I enjoy working with mixed media. This ranges to alcohol markers, pens, paint and more. My art is not only my drawings but it is present in my hair, clothes, jewelry and nails because it’s my way of life. I AM ART.

I have the pleasure of being Spring 2023 Artist In Residence at the Louisiana Children’s Museum and Season 10 fashion designer for NolaFashion Week. These opportunities allowed me to do new experiments with color in an ongoing effort to unify the fields of art, community and design. My losses and gains fiercely grounds my work. While creating I’ve learned that grief, and happiness comes in waves. The need for exploration and healing in the city is soaring and I’m ready to share my story with the world.🦋🧚🏾‍♀️