Babeth Schlegel
Mixed Media

Baton Rouge, LA

My work is hand fabricated using traditional metalsmith techniques with copper, brass, sterling silver, or fine silver. I add colors to my work with opaque and transparent enamels employing different techniques to apply the enamel. These techniques include creating designs using stencils, painter brushes, collages from the application of ceramic decals, and the insertion of cloisonné wire. The finished enamel pieces may either be sanded to a matt finish or polished to a mirror finish. Pieces may also be embellished with set stones, and/or granulation. Every piece is one- of-a-kind.

Bonjour! I am from the beautiful city of Lyon, France, a place known for its gastronomic traditions. I met my husband, an American, after his job brought him to France. We were married, and soon after, his work brought us to Baton Rouge. I found South Louisiana to be a place of rich culture and inspiration, and it prompted me to explore my own creativity. I took classes in several media and began producing my own jewelry. I soon fell in love with the vivid colors of kiln fired vitreous enamel. I like to experiment with different shapes and enamel techniques to create vibrant pieces of jewelry that reflect the exciting colors in life. Everyday life experiences are my source of inspiration. The trips that I take, and the people that I meet captivate and nourish my inspiration. I love how the unexpected and the freedom in the creative process result in original and entirely unique artistic pieces.