Allen Whittington

Natchez, MS

In 1972, while on summer break from college, I found a chair that belonged to my great-great-grandfather. It was broken and badly in need of a new seat. Determined to fix the chair and with my mothers help, I began to research the various types and styles of weaving so that I could match the pattern currently on the chair. Family and career slowed my participation in what had become a family caning business, but I couldn’t resist the pull of the cane and never stopped. In recent years, I have made time for caning again and have had the pleasure of seeing and repairing all kinds of furniture and other items, from beautiful chairs with canes sunburst backs, herringbone porch rockers, sofas, chaises, and even canoe seats. I have loved meeting clients who have traveled from far to bring me their unique pieces, as well as traveling to Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas to pick up others.