Alice Wallace
Mixed Media

Youngsville, LA

I was raised in Lafayette, LA, by parents who made things, and were creative in all sorts of ways. I went to Lafayette High, the University of Arkansas, and the University of New Orleans, completing degrees with majors in Music, English Literature, and German. I taught in the public schools for 38 years.

As for formal artistic training, I have had very little. Rosanna Czarnecki taught me silk dyeing, and Angie Riehl taught me glass bead making. I learned paper marbling from YouTube videos, and taught myself to carve, always preferring exotic and extreme hardwoods. Personal favorites are ebony, lemonwood, satinwood, osage orange, and pink ivory.

As a public school teacher of English and German up until spring of 2012, I taught the kids puppetry, carving, bead-making, paper marbling, and silk dyeing, much to the dismay of the principal, who only wanted to see the kids raising their English test scores to the exclusion of everything else.