Alecia Myers
Candles, Incense

Youngsville, LA

It all started with a pink cat candle…. Alecia Myers is the owner/ operator of La Petite Bougie d’Acadiana that is nestled in the back roads of Youngsville, LA. Alecia has been working with wax since her mom taught her how to make candles in the 2nd grade. She was born in Lake Charles, LA but spent most of her childhood in Youngsville, LA. After a hiatus to Southern California from 1999-2015, she returned to her beloved home state and opened up her small candle business.  Alecia makes hand-poured soy candles, wax melts, incense, and various other smell goods for your home and cars. You can find her at ArtWalk, Festival Acadian, and other local events throughout the year. She currently has products in local stores such as Boho on Sunset and Bayou Art Co-op in Lafayette.